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To and From Work safety

To and From Work safety

Crime Prevention and Liability Mitigation services

You won’t always be able to prevent unpleasant things from happening, but you can be ready when they do! At Prinkey consulting, your safety is our core mission. Therefore, this course ‘to and from work safety’ is one necessary course we recommend to everyone who travels to and from work. 

Prinkey Consulting LLC is a Veteran owned company that focuses on crime prevention and liability mitigation. Crime prevention can be achieved by reducing the opportunities for criminal activity. The three strategies applied to accomplish this goal are Crime Prevention Through Environment Design, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and a crime analysis.
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Every second counts when there is violence, and you can’t always wait for aid. The to and from work course prepares you to respond rapidly in life-threatening situations by teaching you how to anticipate probable violence and prepare for it. You and your team will be able to do the following after the training session: 

  • Use situational awareness to spot danger flags.
  • Choose between escaping, evading, or attacking.
  • Use effective bleeding control techniques.
  • In an emergency, act fast and decisively.
  • Create an emergency response plan.

Our courses will teach your team to establish situational awareness and respond quickly in an emergency.

A veteran owned business with civilian law enforcement experience of over 20 years and 23 years of military law enforcement experience. Advanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) certified since 2018. Numerous CPTED evaluations and Threat Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) completed throughout the United States in the last 3 years. 4 years of military experience being directly responsible for security at locations spanning 39 states and over 10,000 personnel. Law enforcement duties include investigations into threats to National Security as well as CPTED and TVA evaluations in the Phoenix metro/East Valley area.